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Nikon USA The web site for Nikon USA is www.nikonusa.com
They also maintain a site for technical info (it seems to be for digital cameras and the like) at www.nikontechusa.com and their own "outlet malls" at www.nikonmall.com.
Nikon Japan This is the web site for Nikon Japan: www.klt.co.jp/nikon
Nikon Canada This is the web site for Nikon Canada: www.nikon.ca
Nikon Service & Support in the US Here is the link to Nikon's own site related to service of film cameras, digital cameras and other products. http://www.nikonusa.com/Service-And-Support/Service-And-Repair.page
Nikon Parts 841 Apollo Street, Suite 100, El Segundo CA 90245.
(310) 414-8107, fax: (310) 322-6979
Note: it appears that Nikon will no longer sell parts to just anyone.
Nikon Historical Society The Nikon Historical Society, based in the US, has a worldwide membership. Their Nikon Journal, published four times a year, concentrates on the history of Japanese photo equipment from the perspective of the Nikon Camera Company. http://www.nikonhs.org/
Nikon "Digitutor" Here is a site that provides video tutorials of some recent digital cameras: http://www.nikondigitutor.com/index_eng.html

My items on
You can search and find almost anything on eBay, including very rare Nikon equipment. www.ebay.com.
Click on the logo at left to see if I have anything currently up for auction. Even I don't, you can review the feedback from my previous transactions.
Nikon Directory As the name indicates, Nikon Directory is site that aggregates and categorizes Nikon-related sites. www.nikondirectory.com/
nikonlinks.gif (21238 bytes) Don Ferrario's links to Nikon-related sites. www.nikonlinks.com. This site seems to be out of business right now.
Nikonians is a non-profit web community for Nikon users. The URL is http://www.nikonians.org/

Nikonians also maintains an index to sources for Nikon user manuals at:

NikonGear.com Here is another community of Nikon users. Their website is www.nikongear.com.
Torben Chrona Christiansen Torben has created a site collect reviews on all types modern Nikon gear. Visit it at www.nikonindex.com.
Photo.net Here is a website for the general community of camera fans:.http://photo.net
Dave's Camera Repair Since my work is limited to AI conversions, I need someone who can handle a wide range of general repairs. Dave Easterwood in nearby (to me) Chelsea MI has been my go-to guy for decades. Contact him at www.davescamera.net
Midwest Camera Repair This outfit is an authorized Nikon Repair Center and is located just south of Detroit in Wyandotte. www.midwestcamera.com
Robert Decker's Meter Repair Robert can help you if you have a meter for an F or F2 that needs repair. Contact him at drwyn@aol.com. Note: as of June 2010, I am not sure he is still in business.
Bill Rogers Camera This store in Las Vegas advertises that they still have some original AI rings for certain old Nikkors. The URL is www.billrogers.com/nikonai.html
Stephen Gandy's CameraQuest Stephen is into a range of enterprises related to cameras. http://www.cameraquest.com/repairs.htm is a link to his repair service specializing in classic cameras
Crystal Camera This shop advertises original AI kits. http://www.crystalcamera.com/aikits.htm is the link
Koh's Camera They have a stock of original Nikon AI kits. Their address is www.kohscamera.com
Pacific Rim Camera They have purchased some original AI kits. They may be worth a click at www.pacificrimcamera.com.
Oscar Hoogendoorn's site Oscar's collection is mainly in the F and F2 era but has a wide range:
Lars Holst Hansen's site Lars seems to be a student of older Nikon SLRs. He has a number interesting articles on his site at: http://www.zi.ku.dk/personal/lhhansen/photo/
Michael Liu's site This site also has a lot of detailed information about Nikon cameras and lenses
Roland's Nikon Pages As does this one: http://www.photosynthesis.co.nz/nikon/
Thierry Ravassod's site www.nipponkogakuklub.com/NKK/HOME.html
Richard de Stoutz's site Richard is a Swiss member of the Nikon Historical Society. He has a website devoted to the history of the Nikon F system. The URL is: http://www.destoutz.ch/nikon-f.html
Ken Rockwell's site Ken maintains a fascinating site filled with information, observations, opinions and photos. www.kenrockwell.com
KEH Camera Brokers This company is one of the biggest used camera dealers in the country. Their web site is www.keh.com
Deja News http://groups.google.com is a search engine for information contained in newsgroups.
B&H Photo www.bhphoto.com is the website for one of my favorite on-line camera stores. I have been impressed with the wealth of details, ease of ordering over the web and the speediness of their deliveries.
MFlenses www.mflenses.com is a forum devoted to manual focus lenses. It celebrates "a new life in a digital age."

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