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  • Type A conversion: $25 per lens (so that old lenses can be used on many newer film bodies such as the FM, FE, F4, F5, N90, FM10, F100 and FM3A and digital SLRs such as the D1, D2, D3, D4, D5 series and the D200, D300, D700, D750, D7xxx (except the D7600), Df, D8xx and D6xx).
  • Type B conversion: $35 per lens (same as a Type A conversion but with additional work so that the lenses can also be mounted on the “Electronic Only” bodies such as the N80, D100, D70, D70s, D50, D80 and D90)
  • For my former customers, the upgrade from Type A to B is $10 per lens
  • Type C conversion: $35 per lens (installation of the traditional meter coupling yoke on AF or E styles so that these newer lenses can be used on old bodies with full aperture metering)
  • Generally, return shipping in the 48 states will be by USPS Priority Mail with tracking information. The price is $8 for one lens and $12 for an order of two or more lenses.
  • UPS, USPS Express Mail and other parcel services are also possible but please contact me in advance.
  • Return shipping to international customers will be at actual cost. I prefer to ship by USPS Priority Mail rather than use the pricey and cumbersome parcel services. Refer to www.usps.com for an estimate.

I have prepared an order form that you can print out to help submit your order.


  • Complete the order form (available above)
  • Wrap each lens separately. Bubble wrap is best, newspaper is OK
  • Place them in a sturdy box of corrugated cardboard
  • Surround them with at least two inches of styrofoam "peanuts" or other material
  • Enclose the order form and payment. Personal checks are fine
  • Turnaround time is typically no more than a few business days
  • Please note: shipments that require my signature may take an extra day or two
  • Overnight returns and "rush" work are possible but please call first.

Ship them to:
John White
1350 Folkstone Court
Ann Arbor MI 48105

You may call me at (734) 662-1734. Please leave a message if I am not there. My email address is jwhite@aiconversions.com. Please include yours with your order.


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