AI Conversions for Nikon Lenses - Order Form


John White

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1350 Folkstone Court

Ann Arbor MI 48105



Enclosed are the following lenses for AI conversion: 



Focal Length/Aperture

Serial Number

Notes (such as “with filter” or “including front and rear caps”)

Type of conversion (circle one). See below for details





A     B     C     A to B





A     B     C     A to B





A     B     C     A to B





A     B     C     A to B





A     B     C     A to B


Note to owners of D40, D40x, D60, D3000 series, D5000 series bodies and the D7500: No conversion is needed to mount virtually any old lens on these bodies. Set your camera to M mode and make shutter speed and aperture settings manually.


Type A (limited) conversion: $25 per lens (so that old lenses can be used on most newer bodies. Note to Df owners: I have found that the meter coupling system on the Df is slightly different than other newer bodies. Please let me know if you have a Df when sending your lens(es).


Type B (full) conversion: $35 per lens (same as a Type A conversion but with additional work so that the lenses can also be mounted on the “Electronic Only” bodies such as the D90, D80, D70 and a few older ones.


Type C conversion: $35 per lens (installation of the traditional meter coupling yoke on AF or E styles so that these newer lenses can be used on old bodies with full aperture metering)


Upgrade from Type A to B is $10 per lens for my former customers but I recommend starting out with Type B


Please convert these lenses and return them to the following address:




Company (if applicable):


Street 1:


Street 2:


City State ZIP:



Here is additional contact information in case of questions:




Best time to call:


Email address:



Please ship the converted lenses by:


___  USPS Priority Mail (typically 1-4 days based on your distance from Ann Arbor).

The price is $8 for one lens or $12 for orders of two or more lenses to be returned in the US.
Note to my international customers: Please be aware that using parcel services like UPS or FedEx can be very expensive. I have had good experiences with government postal services. It will be best to contact me in advance to discuss details of shipping and payment options.


___  Other service: __________________________________________

(please contact me in advance)


Payment is enclosed (cash, check, money order) in the amount of $ _______

Please make out your check or money order to John White.

Note: I can also accept credit cards via Paypal (my Paypal ID is but I prefer payment in the box with your order.