Use of lenses on a "transitional body"
VGAF4with105NonAITabUp150.jpg (30124 bytes) In the photo at left, a non-AI lens has been mounted on an F4. Normally, the aperture ring on the lens would interfere with the the metering tab (center of photo) but the tab has been released by pushing the small button just below it. In this situation, through-the-lens metering is possible but it must be done stopped down.

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VGAF4with105AIed250.jpg (30919 bytes) In this photo, the lens has been converted and can be mounted on the body with the tab in the down position. Thus, the metering tab will move with the aperture ring and full-aperture metering is supported. Different bodies will provide different capabilities when used with converted lenses. Look up "AI-modified lenses" in your body's instruction book for details.

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