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Dr. Music’s “Little Bands School” curriculum combines the group oriented, process-focused concepts of constructivist theory with the motivational benefits of project-based learning and the easily assessable individualized monitoring of a modern technology-based curriculum to make a music program which is comprehensive, fun, and beneficial to all students.

For details on the program, including objectives and methods of evaluation, go to The Program page.

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Dr. Music's Little Bands School trains youth in voice, drama, piano, guitars and drums in a unique small-group setting.

Dr. Music’s “Little Bands School” is a music program that began in New York City four years ago, and has since been adopted by the 21st Century Charter School in Indianapolis and the Harmony School and Pinnacle School in Bloomington. This program takes advantage of students' fascination with rock bands by dividing groups into small bands and teaching basic music skills using rock, jazz and funk songs. Melody, harmony, rhythm, and composition are taught in a setting that requires teamwork and cooperation. This is progressive music education at its best.

Here is a letter from John Hayden, chief academic officer at the 21st Century Charter School.

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