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 - -  - - A Note to Fellow Nikon Owners about AI Conversions - - - - 

If you are not already aware of AI conversions and their need and usefulness, please take a quick look at the rest of my site to familiarize yourself with the process.

Most of the lenses I receive for conversion are from individuals who have held on to their Nikon FTN, F2 and/or Nikkormat cameras as long as they could but are now forced to move into more modern bodies. They are still pleased with the familiarity, durability and optical performance of the older lenses and want to keep them in service.

I also receive many lenses from stores that deal in used equipment. They have found that non-AI lenses are difficult to sell at any price since there is a dwindling number of non-AI bodies. Once converted, however, the range of potential buyers is greatly expanded.

The rest of the older lenses that come to me for conversion are from repair shops who have found that it is easier/better/faster/more profitable (I am not sure which) to send them to me rather than develop their own capabilities or send them to someone else.

A few of the lenses that I convert are Series E and autofocus models. In these cases, the owners want to take advantage of modern lens designs, particularly zooms, on their surviving older bodies. For this conversion, I install the traditional metering yoke.

An emerging category of my customers is developing from eBay, other internet sites, trade shows and general buying and selling. These persons are buying non-AI lenses at very favorable prices and then sending them to me for conversion. It appears they end up with a deal on a lens that will still be a bargain, either for their own use or for immediate resale.

I am willing to help those of you in this last category by saving you some time and shipping costs. If you are a long-distance buyer, you could have your new lens sent directly to me for conversion. I will let you know of its arrival and give you my assessment of its condition. If it came from an eBay seller, I could compare it to the description in the auction. You can send payment to me by personal check, MO or PayPal. I would convert the lens and send it on to you. If you are a long-distance seller, you could mention the availability of my service in your ads or on your auction listing to help increase the number of potential buyers. You are welcome to link to my website if you think that would help.

Overall, I am looking forward to serving you in some capacity. Please contact me if you have any questions or require further information on how we might work together.


Basic information on my three types of conversion:

My Type A conversion ($25) will allow all older Nikkors to mount and meter on all modern bodies except the ones I have termed "Electronic Only." Current examples of "Electronic Only" bodies are the D90, D80, D100, D70, D70s, D50, N80, N65 and Fuji S2. With these bodies, my Type B conversion ($35) is needed to mount the lens but there will be no TTL metering of ambient light since their meters require the microprocessor found in the autofocus lenses.

Typical newer bodies which use lenses with my Type A conversion for TTL metering are the D1 series, D2 series, D200, D3, D300, D700, F5, F100, F4, F3, FM series, FE series, N90, N8008, N70 and N6006. With these bodies, metering in the manual mode is supported. Depending on the features in the body, you will also get aperture-preferred automation, TTL flash metering and "electronic rangefinder."

Autofocus and Series E lenses need my Type C conversion ($35) to meter at full aperture on the non-AI bodies.

Note: The D40, D40x, D60 and D5000 will accept virtually all Nikon-mount lenses without modification.

In each of the three cases above, my conversion will not affect the use of the lens on the bodies it was originally designed to fit.


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